Build a Light Rail Station at N.E. 130th St.

As part of the Link Light Rail Lynnwood Extension from Northgate to Lynnwood, a station was proposed at N.E. 130th St. and 5th Ave. N.E., but the final draft does not include actual construction of the station, but rather provisions for future construction. I am in favor of including construction of the station in current plans, to be ready when the line opens in 2023.

Station Location: The station would be located at the intersection of 5th Ave N.E. and N.E. 130th St,. just north of N.E. 130th St. and west of 5th Ave N.E., between that street and the I-5 freeway. The light rail tracks at the point run alongside the east side of the freeway and will presumably pass under the 130th St. overpass across I-5, and the station will be elevated.

Parking Facilities: There would be no parking facilities at this location. People with cars can park at the Northgate Station about a mile south of 130th, or the 145th Street Station, about a mile north. With other parking that close, there would be no need for parking at the 130th Street Station. There should be restrictions against light rail users parking on neighborhood streets near the station. This station would primarily be for use by walkers, cyclists, and bus riders.

Bus Service: There currently no bus service at this location. The route 41 bus goes north on 5th Ave. N.E. from Northgate, but turns right on 125th Ave. N.E. to go to Lake City. However it can be expected that if the station is built, Metro Transit will adjust accordingly. I anticipate that the #41 would continue a little further north on 5th Ave N.E. to 130th, which becomes Roosevelt Way N.E. on theRood east side of the intersection, and the #41 would turn there to go to Lake City. Even more important, there could be a new route along 130th/Roosevelt/125th between 3rd Ave. N.W. and Lake City Way (probably further at each end), running frequently to serve the 130th Street light rail station.

The 130th/Roosevelt/125th Corridor: Starting west of 8th Ave. N.W., N.W. 125th Street runs east, changing name to N. 130th St. at 1st Ave. N.W., continuing east, again changing name to N.E. 125th St. at 1st Ave N.E., crosses over I-5 to 5th Ave. N.W., where the street curves southeast as Roosevelt Way N.E. until 10th Ave. N.E., where it curves east as N.E. 125th St. and continues east into the Lake City district.

Advantages of a Station at this Location: Sound Transit’s analysis indicated that there would be low ridership from the area close to the station. However I think it is safe to assume that Metro Transit will provide frequent bus service along the 130th/Roosevelt/125th corridor. Places served would include retirement homes and apartment buildings on Greenwood Ave. N., Linden Ave N., and the Lake City district; Broadview-Thomson K-8 school on Greenwood Ave. N. and Ingraham High School between Ashworth Ave. N. and Meridian Ave N.; business and shopping districts on Aurora Ave. N., Stone Ave. N., and the Lake City district. There is a Rapid Ride bus route on Aurora Ave. N. for an easy transfer north and south for the many businesses and other facilities along this busy boulevard. Furthermore, I think it safe to assume that if the station is built at 130th, there will be major construction of new multi-family housing in the area around the station and other places along the 130th/Roosevelt/125th corridor, and that there would be a major expansion of businesses on Aurora Ave. N. and in Lake City.

Bus Connections: An east-west bus route along 130th/Roosevelt/125th would intersect with several north-south routes that would provide more ridership. Click here for more about connecting buses.

Financing: According to Sound Transit, the University Link extension, which opened March 19, 2016, was completed six months ahead of schedule and more than $150 million under budget. It seems to me that a large portion of those savings can go toward financing the station at N.E. 130th Street.

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