Bus Connections from a Light Rail Station at N.E. 130th St.

I am assuming that when a light rail station is built at N.E. 130th St., that in order to maximinze the benefits of that station Metro Transit will provide frequent bus service east and west along the 130th/Roosevelt/125th corridor to connect the station to important destinations along that route. In addition, that east-west route would intersect several north-south bus routes to further connect people and places to the station, as follows (going from west to east):

8th Ave. N.W.: Currently the number 28 bus route follows 8th Ave. N.W. when it crosses N.W. 130th St., but north of N.W. 132nd St. and south of N.W. 125th St. it is on 3rd Ave. N.E., which has some medium density housing, access to Carkeek Park, and further south accesses shopping areas along Holman Road N.W.

Change in Street Name: From 8th Ave. N.W. to 1st Ave. N.W. the name of the east-west street is N.W. 130th St., but going east of 1st Ave. N.W. the name is N. 130th St.

Greenwood Ave N.: Currently the number 5 bus goes north and south on Greenwood Ave N., which has some retirement homes and many apartment buildings. Further south it goes through the Greenwood and Phinney Ridge business districts and passes Woodland Park Zoo.

Aurora Ave. N.: Aurora is the busiest boulevard in the northern part of Seattle, part of State Route 99. It has a large number of stores, including several big-box stores, and other commercial businesses, and some multi-unit housing, including on Linden Ave. N. a block west of Aurora. The E-line Rapid Ride bus route provides frequent service along Aurora.

Meridian Ave. N.: To the north, the number 346 bus provides service to Ingraham High School, Evergreen School, and mostly residential areas. To the south, the numbers 345 and 346 bus provides service to Northwest Hospital, Evergreen-Washelli Cemetary, North Seattle College, and a number of businesses and apartment buildings around Northgate Way N. and several blocks south.

Change in Street Name: From 1st Ave. N.W. to 1st Ave. N.E. the name of the east-west street is N. 130th St., but going east of 1st Ave. N.E. the name is N.E. 130th St.

5th Ave. N.E.: This will be the location of the 130th St. light rail station. There is currently no bus service at this location. Link light rail will provide north-south service. North of this location along 5th Ave. N. there is virtually nothing to serve, with Interstate 5 on the west side and an inaccessible side of Jackson Park golf course on the east side. However to the south there are a number of multi-family units and some businesses. The number 41 bus currently runs along 5th Ave. N.E. as far as N.E. 125th St., where it turns east to go to Lake City. It is likely that after the light rail station is built, this bus could go two blocks further north to 130th Ave. N.E. before turning east on Roosevelt Way N.E. to go to Lake City.

Shift in Street Names: At 5th Ave N.E. the arterial east-west street, N.E. 130th St., curves southeast into Roosevelt Way N.E., then at 10th Ave. N.E. Roosevelt Way goes south instead of 10th Ave. N.E. and the arterial east-west street curves east into N.E. 125th St., so the intersections with north-south bus routes east of here are at N.E. 125th St.

15th Ave. N.E.: Currently the number 73, 347, and 348 buses go north and south on 15th Ave. N.E., serving, to the north, St. Matthew Church and School, several large apartment complexes, and shopping and other businesses around the area north and south of N.E. 145th St.; and to the south, a number of businesses and apartment building along 15th Ave. N.E., Idriss Mosque, and, along the 347/348 routes, businesses and apartment buildings along Pinehurst Way N.E.

30th Ave. N.E.: The number 65 bus goes north from here along 30th Ave. N.E., serving a large retirement home and some apartment buildings and a small shopping center, but after two blocks it is mostly single family residences.

Lake City Way N.E.: Lake City Way is State Route 522 leading to Bothell and Woodinville. In the area north and south of N.E. 125th, and in adjacent areas, there are a large number of stores, other businesses, and apartment buildings. The number 41 and 522 buses go north and south along Lake City Way, and for more than a mile in both directions there are many businesses and apartments. Also the number 65 bus goes east on N.E. 125th St. then turns south on 35th Ave. N.E., serving Nathan Hale High School, other schools, the Wedgewood district with many apartments, stores, other businesses, several churches, and Eckstein Middle School.

Sandpoint Way N.E.: The number 75 bus goes east along N.E. 125th St. from Lake City Way to Sandpoint Way N.E., then south to a number of destinations, including Mathhews Beach Park, Magnuson Park, and Children’s Hospital on the way to the University of Washington. The southern part of this route is better served from the light rail station near Husky Stadium, but the northern part of this bus route would be better served by a station at N.E. 130th St., especially for people coming from the north.

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