Provisions for 130th St. Station

As part of the Link Light Rail Lynnwood Extension from Northgate to Lynnwood, a station was proposed at N.E. 130th St. and 5th Ave. N.E., but the final draft does not include actual construction of the station, but rather provisions for future construction. So, what do they mean by “provisions for future construction?” Well, here’s an answer from Sound Transit:

Mr. Fleming,

Accommodating a future station at N. 130th St. meant that our early designs for the track were modified and aligned for a future station. The track was straightened to be horizontally and vertically level and straight in this section. As we move into the final design phase of the project other elements may be incorporated into our designs that will reduce the impact of future station construction on train operations.

The current cost estimates for a future station as part of the Sound Transit 3 (ST3) proposal without parking is $79-$85 million. More information about ST3 is available here,

Information about the Lynnwood Link Extension can be found here,

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