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Metro King County Transit is one of the largest and best bus systems in the United States, but is now challenged to provide adequate service to its rapidly-increasing ridership.

I suggest that Metro seek additional taxes to buy more buses. Now is when many new people seek transit service, and many may go back to driving their cars if they are too uncomfortable standing in a crowd on a bus. Furthermore, more frequent service and more routes will attract more riders.

With all the pressure now to reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce air pollution, and with sharply rising costs of diesel fuel, I would encourage Metro to expand its trolley coach system. Electricity in the Seattle area comes primarily from non-polluting dams so the more electric trolley coaches there are instead of diesel coaches, the more we will be able to cut down on greenhouse emissions. I would also consider a separate trolley coach system in downtown Bellevue and possibly along Bel-Red Road to the Overlake district.

I would also encourage Metro to take over the abandoned Green Line monorail project. This could be built in increments. As a section becomes operational, there will be more pressure and funding to build more. I would also suggest consideration of building monorail instead of light rail in Bellevue and Redmond, and also on the Eastside Rail Corridor.

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